Winter 2019 - Currently we are not offering recycle services. It has become cost prohibitive due to the Chinese Tariffs. 

We will continue to sell books to schools and individuals as needed. 

SPRING 2016 - OUR NEW PHONE NUMBER IS 520-850-8928 AND any need to FAX can be done by scanning your pages and emailing it to 

June 2015- We currently have 2 contracts through TUSD that we will honor for all districts.  See TUSD buttons on the left panel.

June 2013

        Starting July 1st the new TUSD SAVE contract.  If you need to use it the number is 14-08-18.

June 9, 2009 Arizona Book Services is awarded a Greater Phoenix Consortium contract sponsored by the Deer Valley Unified School District. Bid # DVD 9-010-5

March 10, 2009 Arizona Book Services wins the Tucson Unified School District Disposal of Surplus/Used Textbooks. RFP no. 09-120-C13

September 9, 2008 Arizona Books wins SAVE bid for Used textbook purchase by schools RFP 09-57-13. Available throughout Arizona and Southwest.

January 2007 Doug and Candace Hughes started ARIZONA BOOK SERVICES.